Fitness enthusiast and Fuerte Men model, London Chase took to the roof-tops of downtown Pittsburgh for his photo shoot.  The skyscrapers served as a backdrop to London's Kung Fu moves.  "I try to incorporate different exercise regimes into my workout routine and recommend to others to constantly change their approach to keep from hitting a plateau.," said London.    Share on twitter @fuertemen


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So basically, if you exercise your chest in a way that signals your body the need to adapt and grow, it will. This is accomplished by doing a variety of resistance training exercises that target the entire chest area.

1.  Push Ups – Much like the bench press, you can vary the angle and arm width to both focus more weight onto the chest, and to hit different regions of the chest muscle. For an added challenge, use a weighted backpack or vest for extra resistance.

2.  Bench Press – The standard bench press comes in three basic flavors: Flat, incline, and decline, with each targeting a specific area of the chest. Additionally, each barbell press can be performed with either a normal, wide or close grip, which influences whether the arms or chest bears the brunt of the load.

3.  Dips and flys – Find a set of dip bars, hoist yourself up by the arms and tuck your legs. Then slowly lower yourself until the elbows are at a 90 degree angle, and then push back up. Where bench pressing and push ups are more up and down “pushing” movements, “flys” use the inner shoulder joint as the pivot point. With cable and dumbbell flys, the resistance starts outside shoulder width with the arms extended and the palms moving the weight towards the middle of the chest.