SALMON -- It’s rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

WALNUTS -- They have lots of “good” fats.

RASPBERRIES -- These berries are loaded with polyphenols. 

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FM LOVE YOUR SKIN: Fight Skin Cancer

 Skin cancer doesn't discriminate, but we wanted to send a message to men and help them be more aware.  That is why we created theFM Love Your Skin campaign, to help encourage conversations about the disease.  With the help of a few Fuerte Men fitness models, we hope our pictorial campaign will give men the strength to care more about their skin. You can also make adonation to theSkin Cancer Foundationin honor of the FM Love Your Skin awareness campaign byclicking here.  You can also share your own FM Love Your Skin pictures and follow the conversation by using the #FMLoveYourSkin. Thanks for helping and remember, you only have one skin -- take care of it. ​ 

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